Membership FAQs

How is a credit union different from a bank? At a bank, you are a customer of a financial institution owned by investors.  At the credit union, you are a member of a financial institution owned by you and the other members.  You have voting rights, elect the board, and can even serve as a board member if you want. What can Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union do for me? In addition to providing you the opportunity to improve your financial well-being through share accounts and club accounts, we offer direct deposit and ATM Cards as a great way to get paid and avoid costly check cashing fees.  We also offer loans at affordable interest rates to members and financial education to help you make the most of your money. What products and services are available from Stepping Stones CFCU? We offer a variety of products to help you save, get paid without losing money to check cashers, and access affordable credit:

  • Share accounts that only require $5.00 to open and maintain
  • FREE direct deposit of your paycheck, benefits check, pension, tax refund, etc.
  • No fee access to select WSFS ATMs as well as ATMs at Dover FCU, Fulton Bank, Wawa and Royal Farms
  • Affordable loans

Click here or a full list of products. Are there any restrictions on who can become a member? Members must live, work, study, worship, volunteer or participate in programs to alleviate poverty or distress in Wilmington.  Also eligible for membership are incorporated or unincorporated organizations located in Wilmington or maintaining a facility in Wilmington.  If you fit this criteria, then you and your family can join. How do I open an account? During credit union hours, you may come to 603 North Church Street with at a valid photo ID and your social security number. The credit union is currently funding the $5 required to become a member.  The Stepping Stones Van is also able to open accounts, issue ATM cards, and answer your questions on the go. The van will be located at various locations throughout the year. You can also contact us and an application can be emailed to you. How do I set up direct deposit?

  • You will need to inform your employer that our Routing number is 031189327 and provide them with your share account number.
  • To sign up for direct deposit of your federal benefit payments such as Social Security, SSI or VA Compensation and Pension Payment: Go to the U.S. Department of the Treasury website, or Enroll by phone by calling the U. S. Department of the Treasury toll free at: 1-800-333-1795. You’ll need your: Social security number or claim number, 12-digit federal benefit check number, Amount of most recent federal benefit check, SSC FCU routing number which is 0 3 1 1 8 9 3 2 7, SSCFCU  account number, and the type of account (which is a SAVINGS Account).

How can I access my money? There are two ways you can access your money:

  • Come into the credit union during our normal business hours which are Monday and Friday – 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday – 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m..  We’ll provide you with a check that you may cash this check at any Artisans Bank at no cost
  • We’ll issue you an ATM card that will provide you convenient access to no-fee ATM withdrawals at most WSFS ATMs as well as at Dover FCU, Fulton Bank, Wawa and Royal Farms ATMs. For a list of no-fee WSFS ATMs click here.

How do I report a lost card? Please call 1-800-264-5578. Can I make purchases or pay bills with my card? No. At this time we are only offering ATM cards, which allow you to withdraw funds from an ATM. Who can I contact to learn more? Please contact the credit union at 302-298-3253 or send an email to Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union – 603 North Church St, ​Wilmington, DE 19801, (302)-298-3253