Share Deposit Products

It all starts with that first deposit. Where it goes from there is up to you.

We offer a deposit product to meet your needs.

We are a big believer in basics.  A solid savings account is an important first stop on your financial journey. First of all, it gets your foot in the door of our credit union.  From there, the options are limitless: save for a house, a car, your own business, or whatever your heart desires. If you’re with another institution, switch your Accounts to Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union anytime from anywhere. If you would like more information, and would lie to open an account in person, just stop by our branch at 603 N Church St.

Share Savings Account

Saving for the future is easier with Stepping Stones as your financial partner. Our savings accounts are used to save for short term goals such as an Emergency Fund, Holiday Club or Vacation Club or to long term goals such as a down payment on a home. You can access your savings account at our branch or online at any time. Deposits can be made conveniently through payroll deduction, direct deposit, the mail or in person. Funds can be transferred to other people or to and from other financial institutions.

  • Dividends earned on balances greater than $100
  • ATM Card Access
  • Federally Insured By NCUA
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Share Draft Account

Our share draft accounts have been designed to be used with our Bill Pay program. This account is used to hold the funds that are needed when setup a bill payment, P2P or A2A.

  • Bill Pay
  • P2P (Person to person transfer)
  • A2A (Account to account transfer)
  • Federally Insured By NCUA
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