Affordable Savings

  • When you open your Share Account, you will receive an ATM card to withdraw your money for free at over 150 WSFS ATMs as well as ATMs at Dover FCU, Fulton Bank, Wawa and Royal Farms locations. For a list of WSFS ATMS, click here.
  • Our Holiday Club program can help you plan for the holiday shopping season.
  • Our Vacation Club can help you save for that stress-free vacation.
  • Our 1378 Savings Challenge helps you to save weekly and have $1,378 at the end of the year.

Fair & Easy Loans

  • Share Secured Loan (First Step): Borrow all but $5.00 (par value of your share needed to remain a member) of the money in your Share Account.
  • Unsecured Signature Loans (Step Up): Borrow up to $5,000 to help you meet planned and unexpected expenses.
  • Auto Loans: You may borrow up to $15,000 for a new or used vehicle.
  • Emergency Loans: Funds can be borrowed to help with an urgent need.
  • Credit Builder Loans:  Secured loan to help establish or rebuild credit.

Our Partner DCRAC offers the following Services:

The Money School

  • Classes designed to help you take charge of your financial well being.


  • Receive legal services for free or affordable fees based on income level.

To learn more about these services visit the Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council.

Tax Representation

  • The Tax Clinic represents taxpayers before the IRS and the US Tax Court.